NASA SEALS, a feature-length animated film, spotlights intense action sequences and live animated characters created by Perception Neuron and Reallusion's iClone. Created by Monkey Chow animation studio, creator and director Jeff Scheetz used iClone and Perception Neuron to achieve a new level of previz with breakthrough real-time technology. iClone, Reallusion's real-time 3D animation tool, provides a dynamic character, camera and animation solution with direct motion capture by Perception Neuron on their 3D characters. About working with Perception Neuron and iClone, Scheetz says, " Through iClone and Perception Neuron, I am now able to do the same thing James Cameron was able to do on Avatar, but without the need for a multi-million dollar budget." The same technology is now available in a set of hardware and software packages available now on the Perception Neuron store. Reallusion has just released iClone 7, offering even more professional animation tools to create quality work at any budget. Learn more about iClone 7 here.